A range of male grooming products and personal fragrancing – handmade in Ireland, produced in small batches for continued consistency.

Solid Colognes are a compact, portable and lightweight, on-the-go alternative to traditionally heavier glass bottled aftershaves.


Solid Colognes

The sophisticated line of personal fragrancing include a blend of carefully selected essential oils and fragrances to create four very different scents. These handmade alternatives to bottled aftershaves are clean, masculine and refreshing for the skin. Our Solid Colognes are alcohol free, meaning that they will not dry out the skin, especially after shaving. The balm-like textured cologne can be easily applied whenever needed. Shop now.

Our Solid Colognes will keep your skin fresh and fragranced, whilst being full of great natural moisturising ingredients ensuring that your skin is kept supple, smooth and protected.

A moisturising oil that aims to soften and tame facial hair whilst helping to keep your beard and skin healthy and looking great.


Beard Oils

Beard Oils have become popular with those that sport stubble to a full grown beard. Our hand blended beard oil with 100% natural oils, essential oils and a fantastic array of masculine scents, all possess a light character. They gently moisturise both your face and beard due to being absorbed quickly, giving your beard a smooth, soft, subtle shine.

Great for conditioning the skin underneath your beard as well whilst promoting hair growth.

At Aromantom we continue to expand and compliment our range of natural male grooming products.


Other Products

Aromantom’s sleep balm may help in aiding you to get a great night sleep with its blend of essential oils.

Our newly produced shave cream compliments our range of solid colognes ensuring that your shave is clean and enjoyable.

Our moisturising cream is specifically designed for the thicker male skin, delicately fragranced to keep your skin supple and smelling great all day long.

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